Timekeeping Tips

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Are you struggling to make it to the office on time? or do you always seem to be late for your appointments? According to Real Simple magazine, here are a few simple habits from people who are always punctual that you can help you to tweak or adopt into your new regime:

  • When it’s time to get up, they get up.
  • They plan breakfast at dinner.
  • The end tasks on time.
  • The recognize patterns, and correct them.
  • They embrace downtime.
  • They’re immune to “Just one more thing” syndrome.
  • They schedule built-in overflow time.
  • They’ve mastered the skill of calculation.
  • They know when they do their best work.

Applying a few of these simple tasks will benefit you in a huge way and could hugely increase your time keeping and allow you to be on time for every appointment that you have!

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