Porcelain Veneers in Preston


Our Porcelain Veneers in Preston, are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth coloured material that are specifically designed to cover the surface of the teeth to improve your overall appearance. These shells can be bonded to your teeth to change their colour, shape, size or length. Veneers can be made from a number of materials including porcelain and resin composite materials but mainly use Porcelain Veneers in Preston.

Dental Veneers in Grimsargh, Preston!

Our Dental Veneers in Grimsargh, Preston are more resistant to stains and can mimic the light reflecting properties of natural teeth better than resin veneers. When you have an inspection with one of our specialist dentists you will get informed on which veneer would best suit your individual needs.

Our Porcelain Veneers in Preston are a great way to fix a huge range of problems such as:

  • Teeth that are discoloured – This could be because of Root Canal Treatment in Preston, stains from drugs, excessive fluoride or by the presence of a large filling that may have discoloured the tooth.
  • Teeth that have been chipped or broken.
  • Teeth that are crooked or uneven.
  • Teeth that have gaps between them.
  • Teeth that have been worn down.

Usually the service takes three trips to our dentistry in Preston. The first visit would be to have a consultation with one of our dentists. Then the other two would be to make and apply the veneers.